Strategic Planning Comp

Strategic Planning is a process to develop a common vision for your organization by defining its purpose, direction, and goals.

The plan provides a clear focus for making decisions on allocating resources to include capital and people.  Working toward a common goal leads to increased efficiency and effectiveness, and instills accountability for the team with metrics for measurements along the way.

How is Strategic Planning accomplished?

1. Before the Strategic Planning session we:

  • Partner with your strategy team to develop the pre-work required
  • Design the planning session and agenda

2. During the planning session we:

  • Facilitate the meeting using a pre-set agenda
  • Assess your current situation
  • Identify values, mission, vision
  • Develop future goals
  • Identify key initiatives required to achieve goals
  • Develop performance metrics
  • Identify and assign short term strategies
  • Document the plan

3.  After the session we:

  • Present you with an easy to use Strategic Plan document
  • Provide an implementation plan with assigned action items
  • Schedule follow up meetings to assess progress
“ If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Benjamin Franklin

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